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Tanya Popeau


Our Director, Tanya Popeau has worked with the world’s leading corporates, non-profits and academic institutions. Her projects have covered a range of topics including energy efficiency, sustainable supply chains, women’s economic empowerment and education.  She has worked across the globe in Africa, Asia, the US and the UK.


UN Consultant

Tanya was a consultant and advisor to the United Nations. She worked for the UN’s largest agency and was at the forefront of their shift to a strategic focus on innovation. She implemented this new approach across 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific, overseeing the development of an innovation fund in the region. The fund generated projects from around Asia tackling challenges from climate change to human rights.



Tanya is the former Head of Innovation for the innovation incubator based at the University of Sussex.  She is often asked to guest lecture on innovation & sustainability and has delivered sessions at UCL, Warwick Business School and the University of Chicago.

She has joined the academic faculty at the University of Exeter, where she teaches the module ‘Tackling Global Challenges’. 

She has also become a member of the Sustainable Finance faculty at The London Banking and Finance Institute, where she will lecture on business innovation and sustainability.


At Royal Holloway University of London, Tanya led the start-up of a new innovative programme. She designed and implemented a range of projects working with over 10 academic departments, managing all operations. In her role, she successfully involved new strategic partners from the private sector and creative industries including the BBC, Amnesty International, Mercedes Benz, BP, Oxfam, Arsenal Football Club and Procter & Gamble.    

Tanya was selected to join the Design Council’s Expert Network, which focuses on innovative design to shape a regenerative future.


DFID/FCDO – Africa – Consultant

Tanya was also a lead consultant on a UK Government funded project, to support innovation in the Higher Education system in Sierra Leone. The project was deemed ‘a remarkable success’ and the independent evaluators commented that ‘it is rare to see a project achieve so many of its originally intended outcomes’. See link to the report:  the Assuring Quality Higher Education in Sierra Leone final evaluation report



She studied up to postgraduate level at Cambridge University and King’s College London.  Her studies have focused on innovating to solve complex global challenges and sustainability. She has also explored 3D modelling and new emerging technologies, and  is particularly excited by Augmented and Virtual reality.

 Tanya Popeau

Tanya Popeau


We draw upon a wide network of industry professionals to provide additional advice and support during the implementation stage. These highly skilled experts — from a broad range of areas including academia, the creative industries and the corporate sector — are on hand to help hone our clients’ solutions.