“At the end of the three-day session participants had developed a good foundation for three highly viable projects. More importantly, participants now have a solid grounding in the skills and thought processes needed to innovate practical development projects. Kudos to Tanya for a great job!”


Mercedes Benz, CSR

“Tanya Popeau was an extraordinary consultant. She had everyone engaged, breaking out of their mould of thinking and coming up with very out-of-the-box solutions. Her passion and energy was infectious. She praised but also pointed out where people fell short and got stuck in a traditional way of thinking.”


UN, Bangladesh, Prime Minister’s Office – Policy Advisor

“After just one and a half days of work, colleagues managed to generate five prototypes as solutions to development problems as diverse as sustainable forest management, womens economic empowerment, early warning systems, e-learning, and youth civic engagement.”


UN, Cambodia

“What an incredible journey from unbelievers to true converts none of us who spent the past few days with you will ever think the same way! Tremendously excited about what lies ahead and feel a bit like a pioneer heading off into the wide blue yonder.”


Anderson Medical Practice

“Tanya Popeau offered an excellent programme. Her presentation was clear, easy to follow, and focused. It was interactive and fun. Our team had discussed scaling for a while but needed specific information. This programme helped us understand the terminology, practices, and skills needed for scaling our projects. She provided a systematic approach for each stage and the tools were excellent.”


University of Chicago

“Tanya has the ability to cut through the tech speech and get to the heart of the matter with descriptive examples, and humour.”


UN, Timor Leste

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